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Eating Disorders

Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellows have written, produced, and published works related to mental illnesses and reducing stigma. Relevant articles and projects completed both during and after each journalist's fellowship year may be found within the archives.

30 Aug 2005
'Starved' may go too far

Can eating disorders be funny? The producers of 'Starved,' a 'Seinfeld'-like take on eating disorders airing on the FX network, say they can. Others say the show takes toilet humor to a new level.
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1 May 2005
Running on empty: Eating disorders

Not many, if any (thanks Scribe). No one is 100 percent happy with their body all of the time, that's just part of life. But the question is – when does a little hang-up turn into a serious problem?
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5 Apr 2005
Counseling Clinic Opens for At-Risk Students
It's estimated that one in five American children have a diagnosable mental, emotional, or behavioral problem. All too often those problems are overlooked or ignored, until they are far advanced.
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19 Feb 2001
Eating Disorders on College Campuses

Researchers say a third of all female college students may have an eating disorder. Universities and colleges in Massachusetts are taking the problem seriously.
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