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Frequently Asked Questions

  • President and Mrs. Carter meet with interns twice each session (schedules permitting) and are genuinely supportive of the internship program and have great appreciation for the work of Carter Center interns.

+Who is eligible for the internship?

Candidates who have completed at least two years of study, recent graduates (graduated within 24 months of the internship start date), and graduate/professional students are eligible. For example, a qualified candidate within the United States will have a minimum of 60 credit hours earned toward a bachelor's degree at the start of the internship. There is no age limit.

If you are not a U.S. citizen and need visa sponsorship, Emory University cannot support an application for a J-1 visa unless you have completed your bachelor’s degree.

+Who is eligible for the graduate assistantship?

In order to be eligible for an assistantship, applicants must be enrolled in a graduate or doctoral program throughout the duration of the assistantship. At the start of the assistantship, qualified applicants must have completed a minimum of two semesters of their academic coursework in a master's or post-master's level program.

+Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

For the internship, we can work with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at Emory University regarding possible visa sponsorship if you have completed your undergraduate degree. ISSS will contact you for required documentation. Please be aware your visa will require you to be a full-time intern (40 hours per week).


+May I receive academic credit?

Yes. If an applicant's college or university offers academic credit for internships, The Carter Center will work with the school to match academic requirements with the requirements of the intern's/graduate assistant’s host program. Upon acceptance, necessary forms from the college or university should be submitted to the intern's/graduate assistant’s program supervisor as well as the Carter Center's Educational Programs office.

+The program area for which I am interested in applying is not listed on the application. Is this a mistake?

No. If a program area is not listed as an internship/graduate assistantship preference, it means that program is not accepting interns or graduate assistants for that particular session.

+If I have attended more than one university, which transcripts should I send?

We require transcripts from a current university as well as any university from which an applicant has received a degree.

+When are transcripts due?

All transcripts must be postmarked by the application deadline.

+Will you accept an electronic transcript?

Many universities now offer secure, official, electronic copies of transcripts.  Transcripts submitted in this way should be sent to the attention of the program assistant at

+Who can be a recommender?

A recommender should be a former teacher, professor, advisor, supervisor, or colleague. A recommender cannot be a friend or family member.

+When are letters of recommendation due?

Letters of recommendation are due one calendar week after the application deadline.

+My recommender did not receive the email, what happened?

Because the emails sent to recommenders are generated automatically by our online application system, they often get filtered into spam bins.  You may wish to advise your recommender to monitor his/her spam box. You also may prompt our online application system to resend the email by logging in to your application and clicking the "resend" button next to your recommender's name.

+When will I be notified concerning the status of my application?

All candidates will be notified concerning the status of their applications no later than six weeks following the deadline.

+May I reapply if unsuccessful?

Yes. Transcripts are held on file for one year. To reapply, a candidate will need to create a new account (username and password) and complete a new online application for the session for which he/she would like to be considered.

+How many hours per week are required?

Interns are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week; anything less prevents the intern from being truly engaged with the work of the Center.  Some interns choose to work 40 hours per week.  An intern's schedule is arranged with the supervisor and includes regularly scheduled blocks of time during normal business hours (e.g., four days of five hours each, five days of four hours each).

Graduate assistants are required to work 20 hours per week. A graduate assistant’s schedule is arranged with the supervisor when the session begins and includes regularly scheduled blocks of time during normal business hours. Graduate assistants should be at the Center in blocks of at least 4 hours.

+How much time will I spend doing clerical work?

No more than 30 percent of an intern's and graduate assistant’s time will be spent doing clerical work. While staff and interns alike must perform some clerical duties, the Carter Center prides itself in offering an intern program that focuses on substantive and often rigorous programmatic work.

+Do you provide housing?

The Carter Center does not provide housing for interns or graduate assistants but will provide information on available housing in staff and neighborhood resident homes, local apartment complexes, and the like. Educational Programs staff members are available to provide guidance during your adjustment to Atlanta.

+How long is the graduate assistantship?

The graduate assistantship lasts anywhere from 9-12 months depending on the need of the program.

+Are the graduate assistantships paid?

Yes, graduate assistants receive a compensation of $14/hour for 20 hours per week.

+How long is the internship?

The internship roughly follows an academic calendar. Interns are required to make a commitment of 15 weeks for the fall and spring. During the summer session, interns must make a 10-week commitment within a 13-week window.

+Are the internships paid?

No. The Center does not offer stipends; however, there is some need-based financial assistance available for candidates who are selected.* Instructions for applying are provided in the appointment letter to successful candidates.

*Please be aware that the amount of aid we are able to provide is not enough to defray all living expenses.

+ Are there other means of funding available for the internship?

The Jennie Lewis Life and Legacy Award (JLLLA) is open to an incoming intern each session. This competitive award involves a separate (but simple) application; the criteria for selection is based on both financial need and fit with the mission of the JLLLA. An award winner will be named at the beginning of the internship session, at which time the award recipient will receive a grant of approximately $2,000. For more information about the JLLLA, please visit:

+Is it possible to work a part-time job while participating in the internship program?

Interns are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week at The Carter Center. An intern's schedule is arranged with the supervisor and includes regularly scheduled blocks of time during normal business hours (e.g., four days of five hours each, five days of four hours each). This means that it is possible for interns to work part-time jobs in addition to their internships.

+ How do I contact The Carter Center?

Educational Programs
The Carter Center
One Copenhill
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307
Fax: (404) 420-5196

Samantha Long, Educational Programs
(404) 420-5179

+Are there travel opportunities?

All internships and graduate assistantships are based in Atlanta, Ga. Occasionally, opportunities arise for interns to travel with staff on Center-related trips (e.g., election-monitoring missions, domestic and international conferences, training workshops).Graduate assistants do not typically travel.

+ Will I meet President and Mrs. Carter?

President and Mrs. Carter do meet with the interns and graduate assistants as a group twice each session, schedules permitting, to talk about Center-related issues. They are genuinely supportive of the internship and graduate assistantship program and have great appreciation for the work of Carter Center interns and graduate assistants.

+ Is there an active alumni network?

We have an alumni directory and Facebook group for those intern and graduate assistant alumni who choose to be involved.

Alumni Directory:

+Where is the internship/graduate assistantship located?

All internships and graduate assistantships are based in Atlanta.

+The application asks for a writing sample/pertinent academic paper 5 pages or less in length. Is it acceptable to submit a portion of a longer paper?

Yes, the writing sample submitted can be a portion of an academic paper that was written previously. If you choose to do so, please include a sentence at the top of the paper indicating that it is a truncated paper.

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