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Latin America and Caribbean Program

  • Interns in the Latin America and Caribbean Program participate in efforts to strengthen and promote democracy, transform and prevent conflicts, and improve democratic governance in the Americas.


The mission of the Latin America and Caribbean Program is to enhance the quality of democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean and to make democratic governance more accountable and meaningful to citizens across the region. The program aims to strengthen regional capacities to promote democracy, transform and prevent conflicts, and improve democratic governance.

Latin America and Caribbean Program interns support activities in four principal areas: a) preventing democratic crises and strengthening the collective promotion of democracy; b) addressing contentious issues in the hemisphere, particularly citizen security and the role of media in democracy; c) securing democratic stability through conflict prevention, reconciliation and dialogue; d) and promoting electoral reform. These initiatives serve to advance the program’s broad objective: encouraging a hemispheric culture of dialogue, mutual understanding, and cooperation.

General examples of recent and future Latin America and Caribbean Program work include:

  • Supporting peace processes and political mediation projects
  • Strengthening human rights in the hemisphere and coordinating with governments and the international human rights community to endorse a stronger Inter-American human rights system
  • Providing advice and technical assistance to regional organizations, governments, and civil society organizations related to democracy norms
  • Monitoring and reporting on electoral processes in the hemisphere and giving advice to various political-electoral stakeholders to implement electoral reform
  • Convening regional and international workshops of media professionals to improve professional practices and standards and to reduce polarization and misperceptions
  • Leading quiet diplomacy and fact-finding missions to hear out disputing parties in country conflicts; encouraging peaceful and constitutional means to resolve democratic conflict; focusing international attention at critical political moments; and contributing to more informed and better designed diplomatic actions

Number of Interns per Semester: 2-4

Applicant Preferences:

  • A background in Latin American and Caribbean studies is preferred
  • Academic experience that concentrates on international relations, development, and/or political science
  • The ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish

Typical Projects:

  • Provide research and logistical support for a relevant program activity
  • Conference preparation and follow-up
  • Periodic briefing of program staff
  • Conduct research projects
  • Work directly on project planning and implementation
  • Draft memorandums

Interested in applying for an internship in the Center's Latin America and Caribbean Program? Check out the application deadlines >

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