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China Focus Internship at The Carter Center

  • Interns working at The Carter Center

    China Focus interns participate in a variety of activities designed to help improve local Chinese governance, build citizen consensus on political reform, advance government transparency, and foster public participation.

The Carter Center’s China Focus is seeking two interns to support its online engagement projects, event programming, and general administration.


President Carter’s decision to normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China in 1979 changed both countries and the world. Facilitating expanded bilateral trade, investment, and people-to-people exchange between the two countries has allowed East Asia to enjoy relative peace and prosperity for decades.

However, the U.S.-China relationship is now under immense strain. Since 2009, the Chinese Communist Party has veered from the path of “reform and opening” that encouraged slow and steady progress toward political and economic liberalization. Washington began to criticize China’s attempts to revise the international system, and Beijing responded by accusing the U.S. of containing China’s rise. As President Carter wrote in February 2021, “Government officials in both countries have adopted rhetoric and policies that reflect the hostility that Vice Premier Deng and I sought to calm in 1978.”

The Carter Center remains committed to preserving the legacy of President Carter and Deng Xiaoping’s historic decision while adapting to the demands of the 21st century. This requires navigating a bilateral relationship fraught with global crises, ideological divergence, human rights crises, nationalist tension, and the looming threat of conflict in the Taiwan Strait. Through its research, workshops, and online engagement initiatives, the China Focus fosters greater dialogue, exchange, and critical reflection on the past, present, and future of U.S.-China relations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Researching, writing, translating, editing, and uploading content for the China Focus’ websites, including interviews, analyses, commentaries, and other written work (80%).
  • Interacting with U.S.-China relations scholars and experts as the China Focus sets up online and in-person meetings, dialogues, and events (10%).
  • Providing administrative and logistical support for China Focus websites, events, initiatives, and programs (10%).
  • Performing other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum GPA: 3.2
  • Majors: Political science, Chinese studies, East Asian studies, or any other relevant major.
  • Course requirement: At least two semesters of Chinese-language coursework (waived for native speakers).
  • Applicants should be familiar with the China Focus’ S.-China Perception Monitor websites ( /
  • Strong written proficiency in English is essential.
  • Interest in learning the WordPress content management system over the course of the internship.
  • Ability to be flexible and work effectively as part of a team.
  • Bilingual proficiency in English and Mandarin Chinese is strongly preferred.

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Internship Deadlines

Fall 2024
Application deadline: June 17, 2024
Start date: Aug. 27, 2024

Spring 2025
Application Opens: Late August/Early September 2024
Application Deadline: October 14, 2024
Start Date (Orientation): January 14, 2025

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