U.S. Election: Election Bites 2022

Grab your lunch and join The Carter Center for 10-minute interviews with election experts on some of the most pressing U.S. election issues.

Election Bites 8 | The Root of All Evil?
Every year, individuals & companies donate millions to political campaigns. Is that really best for the country? Jeff Clements, President of American Promise, discusses a proposed constitutional amendment on campaign finance.

Election Bites 7 | Everyone Counts
Even after the votes are tallied, there’s still more work to do. Hear from Monica Childers, Carter Center U.S. elections expert, about election audits and how they help ensure the integrity of the count.

Election Bites 6 | Stronger Together
Hear from Jennifer Webb, former state representative for Florida, and Robert Orr, former justice of North Carolina’s Supreme Court, as they discuss community building before and after the election – and finding common ground even when you disagree politically. One of our democracy experts will answer questions live in the comments during the event.

Election Bites 5 | From Athens, Greece to Athens, Georgia
Explore the history of democracy and stories about the work of our election officials with former NPR correspondent Pam Fessler. One of our experts will answer questions live in the comments during the event.

Election Bites 4 | Promoting Democracy While Protecting Themselves
In the stress of election season, it’s easy to overlook those who bear the greatest burden: our election workers. How do we protect their physical safety AND mental health at this critical moment?

Election Bites 3 | I Do Solemnly Swear
How candidates across the political spectrum can protect democracy in 2022: the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections initiative and what it means for November and beyond.

Election Bites 2 | Lies, Damned Lies, and Election Myths
Dispelling falsehoods about elections this November is one of America’s greatest challenges.

Election Bites 1 | Voting in Georgia – What’s New in ’22?
After SB202, what are the new rules for voters and election workers? We’ll dig into early voting, absentee voting, how votes are counted, and more.

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