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U.S. Election 2020: Election Bites

Grab your lunch and join us for 10-minute interviews with election experts on some of the most pressing U.S. election issues.

Election Bites: Get Informed
Lia Merivaki, Carter Center U.S. Election Expert Study Team
What’s the difference between a legal and illegal ballot? Why did vote counting take so long in some states but seem to go so quickly in others? What happens when fraud is alleged? With rumors flying, where can voters turn for accurate information? Get answers to these and other questions and find out how to be a more educated voter.

Election Bites: Recounts & Audits
Kevin Johnson, Carter Center U.S. Election Expert Study Team

As the initial vote counting wraps up, talk turns to recounts and audits. Nearly half of all states do automatic recounts if the margin of victory is below .25 or .5 percent; in others, losers must request and pay for recounts. But what exactly are officials counting? And what’s the difference between a recount and a postelection audit?

Election Bites: How Community Leaders Can Support Peaceful Elections
Nathan Stock, Carter Center Conflict Resolution Program Consultant
The possibility of election-related violence is making headlines nationwide, and the Center is partnering with grassroots organizations to offer conflict prevention training and disseminate messages supporting a peaceful electoral transition. Learn what community and faith leaders can do to mitigate possible violence.

Election Bites: Preventing Fraud & Safeguarding Ballots
Tammy Patrick, Senior Advisor, Democracy Fund
Patrick spent 11 years as an election official in Maricopa County, Arizona, and now provides election officials across the country with the knowledge and tools they need to best serve voters. She’ll offer an inside look at some of the safeguards in place to make sure that absentee ballots don’t get lost, that citizens vote once and only once, and that counting procedures are accurate.

Election Bites: What to Expect Election Night – and Beyond
Larry Garber, Carter Center U.S. Election Expert Study Team
What is likely to happen after the polls close? Find out what many people are saying about how long we’ll have to wait for results, the likely spread of disinformation, and the possibility of election-related court cases in the days and weeks after Nov. 3.

Election Bites: An International Observer Looks at U.S. Elections
David Carroll, Director, Carter Center Democracy Program
Carroll has been involved in about 80 of the Center’s 111 election missions. Hear what he has to say about international election standards and how the U.S. does and doesn’t measure up to those, and what the 2020 U.S. election has in common with some of the 39 other countries in which we’ve worked.

Election Bites: Election Observers & Voter Intimidation
Lia Merivaki, Carter Center U.S. Election Expert Study Team
Learn more about the various kinds of observers you may see at the polls on the Election Day – their goals, what they can observe, and what rules are in place to help ensure that they can promote transparency in our election processes without subjecting voters or election workers to intimidation.

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In 2020, The Carter Center is working to support elections at home by providing objective information and analysis about the election process and advancing good practices in transparency. Learn more »

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