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Carter Center Weekend Features Excursions, Activities, and Unique Auction Items

The annual Carter Center Weekend is set to return for 2024 with an exciting array of activities. This year's event will take place June 26-30 at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California. Learn more »

Carter Center to Deploy Electoral Mission for Venezuela’s Presidential Election

The Carter Center will deploy a technical election observation mission to Venezuela in advance of the presidential election scheduled for July 28. Learn more »

Carter Center Partner in Montana Releases Preliminary Statement on Missoula County’s Primary Election

The Carter Center’s partner in Montana, the Montana Election Observation Initiative (MEOI), today issued preliminary findings on its pilot program to observe Missoula County’s June 4 primary election process. Learn more »

The Carter Center’s Climate and Environmental Justice Initiative Advocates for the Rights of Congolese People in the Global Energy Transition

The Carter Center today announced the launch of the Climate and Environmental Justice Initiative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This initiative aims to guarantee a just transition, recognizing that DRC's mineral wealth is vital to building a low-carbon and resilient world and that the Congolese people should fully share in the prosperity and promise of this new climate economy. Learn more »

Carter Center Announces New Journalism Fellowship Focused on Climate Change’s Impact on Mental Health

Applications are being accepted for a new fellowship within the 2024-2025 Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism, The Carter Center announced Thursday. This fellow will report on the intersection of mental health and climate change among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations outside the United States. Learn more »

Upcoming Event | Stuart Eizenstat in Conversation with Andrew Young and Jason Carter: The Art of Diplomacy (June 4)

A Cappella Books

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and A Cappella Books are honored to welcome the author to The Carter Center to discuss his acclaimed new book, "The Art of Diplomacy: How American Negotiators Reached Historic Agreements that Changed the World." Eizenstat will appear in conversation with former Atlanta mayor, U.S. Congressman, and UN Ambassador Andrew Young and former Georgia state senator Jason Carter. Learn more »

‘The President and the Dragon’ Is Acquired by Buffalo 8 for Distribution Out of Cannes


Buffalo 8 has acquired worldwide rights out of Cannes to 'The President and the Dragon,' a Jimmy Carter documentary from Sudanese writer, director and producer Waleed Eltayeb and Irish director-cinematographer Ian D. Murphy. Learn more »

Ahead of May 21 Primary, Jason Carter and Jordan Fuchs Discuss Trust in Georgia's Elections (GPB)


Participants at the most recent collaboration between The Carter Center and Baker Institute examined key issues affecting U.S. elections and possible ways to help strengthen elections and build confidence in their outcomes. Learn more »

Carter Center and McCain Institute Publish 'The Disinformation Economy'

The McCain Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) and The Carter Center today released “The Disinformation Economy.” Learn more »

Carter Center and Rice’s Baker Institute to Hold Panel Discussions on Best Election Practices

The Carter Center and Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy on May 17 will host panel discussions on guiding principles for election administration and reforms. The participants will examine key issues affecting U.S. elections and potential ways to strengthen elections and build confidence in their outcomes. Learn more »

Watch: 28th Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum

Watch Live: 28th Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum Learn more »

Carter Center Supports Montana Election Observation Initiative in the State’s Upcoming Primary

The Montana Election Observation Initiative (MEOI), a nonpartisan election observation effort supported by The Carter Center, announced today plans to conduct a pilot election observation in Missoula County, Montana during the state’s June 4 primary. Learn more »

Op-ed: Celebrating Universal Human Rights Is More Important Than Ever (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is celebrating its 75th anniversary since its establishment in 1948. We are witnessing a low point of the modern human rights movement. Karin Ryan writes that it is time to take stock and renew our commitment to universal values. Learn more »

Carter Center Statement on University Protests

The Carter Center is monitoring protests at universities across the United States, and at Emory in particular. We stand in support of freedom of opinion, expression, and assembly as central tenets of democracy. Learn more »

28th Annual Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum on May 14

The Carter Center will convene its 28th Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum on May 14, 2024. This free, in-person and virtual event explores pressing mental health issues in Georgia and the rest of the country. This forum will emphasize inclusivity, equity, and resilience in mental health advocacy. Learn more »

Jimmy Carter: Determined Health Hero (TIME100 Health)

TIME named Jimmy Carter to the inaugural 2024 TIME100 Health, a new annual list of 100 individuals who most influenced global health this year. In 1986, when the Carter Center launched its Guinea worm eradication program, the parasitic disease—which creates agonizing lesions on the skin from worms that are ingested as larvae in contaminated water and grow up to a meter in length inside the human body—was endemic in 21 countries, striking 3.5 million people per year. Learn more »

Carter Center and Baker Institute to Host Event on Building Better Elections

The Carter Center and Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy on May 17 will bring together civil servants, former secretaries of state, and Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs to discuss how the Guiding Principles of Election Administration can be effectively applied to a national post-2024 context as well as ways to help influence local practices and reforms in election administration. Learn more »

Op-ed: A Pivotal Moment for Gaza and Global Diplomacy (The Hill)

The Hill

Israel faces mounting pressure from the U.S. to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza in the wake of the tragic killing of seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen on April 1 and the harrowing toll of the war, which has already claimed over 30,000 Palestinian lives and more than 1,160 Israeli lives. Learn more »

Carter Center Publishes Report Using Cold War Analogy for Analyzing How Nuclear War Between the U.S. and China Can Be Averted

The Carter Center today published “Modernizing Sino-U.S. Confidence-Building Measures: Cold War Case Studies and Chinese Perspectives,” the latest installment in the Finding Firmer Ground report series examining how rising Sino-American tensions have prompted widespread discussion of a “New Cold War.” Learn more »

'A Call to Action': Carter Center Celebrates Book Anniversary and Women's History Month (GPB)

Georgia Public Broadcasting

In 2014, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter released A Call to Action, a book about what he labeled the "No. 1 challenge in the world today": the abuse of women and girls. Carter's writing was the result of the Carter Center's work with faith leaders to advance human rights and women's rights. Learn more »

Op-ed: How to Run Elections That Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On (Houston Chronicle)

Houston Chronicle

A growing number of Americans are concerned about the legitimacy of election results, and it’s partly due to the hyper-partisanship in politics nowadays. Learn more »

Carter Center Releases 2024 Journalism Resource Guide for Mental Health Reporting

The Carter Center today released a new Journalism Resource Guide for Mental Health Reporting. The guide – developed in part with funding from the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM), and in partnership with the World Psychiatric Association and the International Center for Journalists – is available in English and Spanish and provides up-to-date statistics, resources, and guidance on how to report on mental health issues accurately and sensitively. Learn more »

Carter Center Calls for End of Hostilities in Sudan

The Carter Center urgently calls for a ceasefire in Sudan and implores all factions involved — military and civilian, local and international — to immediately embark on a path toward peace through dialogue and negotiation. Learn more »

Super Tuesday's Dominance Highlights How Presidential Selection Process Can Exclude Many US Voters (AP)

The Associated Press

As an independent, Christian Miller can’t vote in Pennsylvania’s closed presidential primary in April. He said it wouldn’t matter even if he could. Learn more »

Carter Center and Civic Leader Partners Commend New Ethics Guidelines for Election Officials

The Carter Center joins Election Reformers Network and Protect Democracy in commending the recently published ethics guidelines for election officials by the American Law Institute and the National Association of Election Officials (The Election Center). Learn more »

Carter Center and Georgia Institute of Technology Commemorate New Joint Fellowship

The Center’s Democracy Program and Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology are supporting one fellowship during the spring 2024 academic semester for a doctoral candidate researching the intersection of technology and democratic governance. Learn more »

Former US President Jimmy Carter Surpasses One Year in Hospice Care (VOA News)

VOA News

A year since The Carter Center announced that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was receiving end-of-life hospice care, Carter continues to defy the odds. Learn more »

Health Report: 'Guinea Worm' on Verge of Eradication (VOA Africa)

VOA Africa

Dracunculiasis, or guinea-worm disease, is on the verge of eradication. The Carter Center says only 13 provisional human cases of the disease were reported worldwide in 2023. Learn more »

Guinea Worm Disease Inched Closer to Eradication in 2023 (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

The Carter Center's 2023 report showed a remarkable reduction in Guinea worm cases, bringing the ancient parasitic disease closer to being eradicated. Alix Boisson-Walsh reports. Learn more »

Jason Carter on Jimmy Carter's Strength of Spirit (CBS News)

CBS News

Former President Jimmy Carter has been in hospice care for a year, and yet, the 39th President of the United States lives on. Thoughts on that from his grandson, Jason Carter. Learn more »

Carter Center Appoints Clark Dean as Board of Councilors Chair and Jim Reed as Board of Councilors Vice-Chair

Clark Dean, Executive Managing Director – Transaction Sciences, Transwestern, has been appointed chair of the Carter Center's Board of Councilors for 2024. Jim Reed, President, YKK Corporation of America, has been appointed vice-chair. The board comprises 210 members, who serve as a leadership advisory group that promotes understanding among opinion leaders and the broader community of The Carter Center and its activities. Learn more »

Carter Center Issues Final Report on 2023 Zimbabwean Elections

The Carter Center today released the final report from its international election observation mission to Zimbabwe’s Aug. 23 harmonized elections. Learn more »

Carter Center Calls on Israel to Halt its Plan to Force 1.3 Million Palestinians Out of Rafah

The Carter Center condemns the Israeli government’s directive to forcibly transfer Palestinian civilians in Rafah to pave the way for a military offensive and reiterates our call for an immediate ceasefire. This plan is alarming given that an estimated 1.3 million Gazans now reside in overcrowded conditions in Rafah, previously designated as a safe zone. The Israeli government’s directive further undermines prospects for long-term peace and its citizens’ security and prosperity. Learn more »

Carter Center Campaign Results Show Progress in Educating Georgians About Mental Health Care Rights

At a press conference held during its inaugural Mental Health Parity Day today at Georgia’s State Capitol, The Carter Center released results of its first Georgia mental health parity awareness campaign. Learn more »

Carter Center and Rice’s Baker Institute Say U.S. Election System Must be a National Priority

As U.S. democratic principles are being tested, The Carter Center and Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy have proposed guiding principles to ensure that elections are conducted in ways that give Americans greater confidence in their outcomes. Learn more »

Is Guinea Worm About to be Eradicated? (Spotify)


Guinea worm could soon be the second human disease to be eradicated. In the 1980s millions of cases were recorded annually in 21 countries in Africa and Asia. Now, thanks to huge efforts globally, only 13 reported cases remain. That’s according to The Carter Center - which is leading the international campaign to eradicate the disease. Learn more »

Makoy Samuel Yibi Won’t Stop Until The World Eradicates Its Next Disease (GatesNotes)


Guinea worm once infected 3.5 million people every year. Thanks to heroes like Makoy, that number dropped to 13 last year. Learn more »

Bipartisan Report Seeks Ways to Counter Extreme Polarization That Has Created Distrust in Elections (AP)

The Associated Press

The report by The Carter Center and the Baker Institute for Public Policy lays out 10 principles for trying to balance equal access to the polls with ensuring the integrity of election results. Learn more »

2024-25 Applications Open for the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism

The Carter Center is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism. Learn more »

Video Premiere | Paige Alexander @TEDWomen: Information Is Power

Tune in as Carter Center CEO Paige Alexander details how the Center’s Inform Women, Transform Lives project provides ways for women all over the world to have a more meaningful voice and make better decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities. Learn more »

Carter Center Hosts State’s First Mental Health Parity Day at Georgia State Capitol on Feb. 8, 2024

The Carter Center will host its inaugural Mental Health Parity Day by the Georgia State Capitol. Learn more »

Once in the Millions, Guinea Worm Cases Numbered 13 in 2023, Carter Center’s Initial Count Says (AP)

The Associated Press

Guinea worm disease remains on the cusp of being eradicated, with the global number of cases in 2023 holding steady at 13, according to a provisional account released by The Carter Center. Learn more »

U.S.-Bangladesh Partnership to Promote Women’s Right to Information

The United States Agency for International Development, The Carter Center, and the Information Commission in Dhaka today announced the launch of a new phase of the USAID-funded Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Bangladesh (AWRTI) project. The Carter Center will implement this project in 10 districts through 2028 to unlock the country’s human potential, especially the potential of marginalized women, to fully utilize the Right to Information Act of 2009. Learn more »

Opinion: Paige Alexander and Kristin Lord: 2024 is the year of elections. Let's act now to protect them. (Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Tribune

As we look ahead this year, voters in more than 50 countries, including the United States, will go to the polls. The elections will take place during a period of global democratic backsliding and in rapidly changing social media environments characterized by new threats from generative artificial intelligence and tech platforms’ reductions in trust and safety protections. Learn more »

The World Is Watching U.S. Elections. Here's What Americans Should Be Watching (HuffPost)

“We’re very concerned about the quality of democracy around the world. There’s been a number of countries where things are moving not in the right direction, including in the U.S.,” David Carroll, director of the Carter Center’s Democracy Program, which oversees election monitoring around the world, told HuffPost. Learn more »

Event | Building the Green, Digital, and Inclusive City of the 21st Century (Jan. 11-12)

Virtual event co-hosted by the China Data Analysis & Research Hub, the George H. W. Bush Foundation, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and The Carter Center. Learn more »

How Media Help Change Conversation on Mental Health (VOA News)

VOA News

At a time when growing numbers of young Americans are diagnosed with mental health conditions, media are looking at ways to cover the issue more responsibly. Learn more »

Event | Forum on U.S.-China Relations Honors 45th Anniversary of Normalization (Jan. 9)

Join the Carter Center on Jan. 9, 2024, for its Forum in Honor of Jimmy Carter and the 45th Anniversary of the Normalization of U.S.-China Relations at The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more »

Carter Center Statement on More Disinformation Linked to its Election Observation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Carter Center is aware of more disinformation falsely attributed to its international election observation mission for the December elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn more »

Remembering First Lady Rosalynn Carter & Leonard Bernstein (Library of Congress)

The Library of Congress

While our nation continues to mourn the loss of First Lady Rosalynn Carter (1927-2023), here in the Music Division, we are reflecting on her lasting relationships with artists, performers, and creators, both during her time in The White House and the decades that followed. Learn more »

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