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Carter Center Releases Updated Working Paper on Syria's Transition Constitutional Options

June 10, 2016
Contact: Soyia Ellison,


ATLANTA — The Carter Center has been engaged in promoting an end to fighting and a political transition in Syria since the conflict began in 2011. The Center has facilitated a series of workshops examining governance options for the 18-month transition called for by U.N. Security Council Resolution 2254 and constitutional changes necessary to support the resolution's call for an "inclusive transitional governing body with full executive powers."

Through these workshops, The Carter Center has engaged with Syrians from a broad cross-section of society. The meetings solicited ideas and legal opinions on how best to ensure a viable and stable transitional government as a first step toward a sustainable peace.

Although this work is ongoing, the Center has produced a draft working paper with concrete proposals detailing constitutional changes that would be necessary to support the transitional governing body. The draft paper is available in English and in Arabic. Once completed, the final paper also will be shared publicly.

The Carter Center remains committed to working with all parties to the Syrian conflict to help the country and its people emerge from its catastrophic war.

Arabic (PDF)


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