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Technology and Mental Illness

Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellows have written, produced, and published works related to mental illnesses and reducing stigma. Relevant articles and projects completed both during and after each journalist's fellowship year may be found within the archives.

9 Jul 2000
CHIP will Mean Healthier Children; Lack of Medicare Payment Hinders Medicine-by-Wire

Getting paid for medical care delivered by two-way, interactive-audiovisual equipment isn't always easy, even for networks that log hundreds of patient visits. Sometimes it's impossible.
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9 Jul 2000
High-Tech Care: Telemedicine Reaches Patients in Distant Remote Locations

After being hospitalized for five days at Deaconess Psychiatric Center in Billings, Richard had a psychiatrist and prescriptions for two medications to manage his bipolar illness. And he had to go back home to Sidney – 275 miles from his doctor and hospital.
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21 Feb 2000
A New Consciousness

Biofeedback trains your brain to treat diseases.It looks like a scene from a 1950s science fiction flick: Patients with electrodes attached to their skulls sit deep in concentration, focusing their minds to control the beeps and squiggly lines produced by an electronic monitor.
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17 May 1998
The Little Ones; Brain Development, Nurturing Are Vital to Child's Future
THE brain of a child is a precious thing, finely attuned to absorb its surroundings, to transform reality into the complex, intricate entity that we call the mind.
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