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Graduate Assistantships: Trachoma Control Program

  • The Trachoma Control Program works with ministries of health in five African countries to eliminate blinding trachoma, the world's leading cause of preventable blindness. (Photo: The Carter Center)

The Carter Center's Trachoma Control Program (TCP) seeks a qualified graduate student for the 2021-2022 session. The graduate assistant will support the program with a wide range of projects related to program research, development of research, and implementation. Other tasks may include assisting country-specific research, database maintenance, and production of documents for publication. The student will report to the program’s epidemiologist, associate directors, and research manager for project guidance. The program associate will administratively supervise the graduate assistant.

In 2021-2022, the Trachoma Control Program team plans to conduct two new programmatic studies. These studies will take place in Niger and South Sudan, which are countries with constantly changing dynamics. The below listed tasks, deliverables, and benchmarks are based on the current activity plans and timelines related to those studies. Tasks and deliverables may be adapted if the studies must be changed within the countries.

Analytical Data Tasks:

-Assist with cleaning data from program studies and impact surveys and output figures for analysis

-Respond to data needs of Trachoma Control Program staff including, but not limited to, building datasets and supporting production of manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals

-Data entry and analysis of qualitative data and analysis of data from prevalence surveys and/or randomized feasibility trial

Research Development/Program Planning Tasks:

-Conduct programmatic research on TCP-assisted countries for possible program developments and in-country protocol setup

-Review study protocols and create maps with ArcGIS for publications and presentations

-Assist with documenting and updating standard operating procedures for managing and analyzing program data

-Assist with refining data management approaches including, but not limited to, database structure, standard operating procedures for saving and updating the database and data storage

-Assist in the development of monitoring and evaluation protocols

-Assist with preliminary analysis of study data


-In collaboration with team members, the graduate assistant will assist with the development of full analytic datasets from planned programmatic studies.

-In collaboration with team members, the graduate assistant will assist in the development of a report detailing the primary findings planned programmatic studies. 


-End of first semester, analytic datasets complete for above-described studies, including variable codebooks for those studies.

-End of second semester, report detailing primary findings of above studies including the support of presentations to be presented at annual program review meeting.

Minimum Qualifications:

-Currently studying for a Master of Public Health

-Knowledge of statistical analysis and use of statistical analysis software

-Familiarity with mHealth applications (Open Data Kit particularly)

-Previous experience or planned coursework involving mapping software such as ArcGIS

-Previous experience or planned coursework involving Stata, R, or SAS

-Capacity to comprehend design of studies and surveys as a conceptual basis for resulting database structures

Preferred Qualifications:

-Experience in resource poor international settings or with global health projects

-Previous experience or displayed interest in informatics for public health applications

-Interest in Python scripting for ArcGIS

-Familiarity with database systems/SQL

Target Population Served:

By supporting work in the Carter Center’s Atlanta office, the students are ultimately supporting public health initiatives in five countries where The Carter Center supports the Ministries of Health in the fight against blinding trachoma: Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, South Sudan, and Sudan.

Public Health Challenges/Issues Addressed:

The control and prevention of Trachoma, using data to inform program planning and implementation.

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