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Graduate Assistantships: Peace Programs

Graduate assistantships are available in the following programs:

China Program
The focus of the China Program is to advance U.S.-China collaboration in Africa in the area of peace and security and health assistance. It seeks a graduate assistant that can conduct research and produce reports on these two important subjects.

Conflict Resolution Program
The Center launched a new initiative to counter Daesh propaganda by working with religious and community leaders in a reiterative grassroots approach. The project is divided into two phases, the first of which focuses on the systematic collection of Daesh propaganda videos, print and social media sources, whose content is analyzed for both qualitative and quantitative attributes. Building on this comprehensive analysis, in the second phase of the project, the Center will convene workshops with religious and community leaders to provide them with a more nuanced understanding of Daesh communication strategies, approaches to delegitimize Daesh narratives, and strategies to engage with alienated youth.

Global Access to Information Program
The Carter Center's Global Access to Information Program is seeking a qualified graduate student for the 2016-2017 session to assist in research and writing related to women and access to information, particular in advancement of our global and regional programming. The Carter Center has promoted the passage, implementation, enforcement and use of the right of access to information for over 15 years.

Human Rights Program: Mobilizing Action for Women and Girls Initiative
The Carter Center's Human Rights Program (HRP) is seeking a qualified graduate student for the 2016-2017 session. The Carter Center has launched a web-based collaboration tool, The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence, & Power. The tool provides a platform for meaningful exchange within the community of practice at the intersection of gender, religion, and human rights.

Latin America and Caribbean Program
The Carter Center's Latin America and Caribbean Program strives to support transparent, accountable, and inclusive democratic governance for the benefit of citizens across the Western Hemisphere. Projects aim to promote democracy and human rights; strengthen capacities to prevent the escalation of socio-political conflicts into full-fledged crises; assist post-conflict transition; and improve overall democratic governance in Latin American and the Caribbean regions.

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