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Graduate Assistantships: Health Programs

Graduate assistantships are available in the following programs:

Trachoma Control Program
To meet program objectives, the Carter Center's Trachoma Control Program has supported a graduate assistant (GA) and independent consultant to conduct formative research focusing on the 'F' (facial cleanliness) and 'E' (environmental improvement) components of the SAFE strategy to control trachoma. The findings and lessons learned from the formative research can inform positive program modifications and highlight innovative approaches to intensify intervention, ultimately leading the program closer to achieving elimination targets.

Mental Health Program: Liberia/Sierra Leone Initiatives
The Carter Center's Mental Health Program (MHP) is seeking a qualified graduate student for the 2016-2017 session for 20 hours a week for a total of 9 months. The work of the Mental Health Program has been guided by Mrs. Carter who has been a driving force in the field of mental health throughout her career. The Mental Health Program promotes policies and practices that advance the prevention of mental illnesses and lead to improved mental health and social functioning.

Hispaniola Initiative
The Carter Center's Hispaniola Initiative works with the ministries of health in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to accelerate the elimination of malaria and lymphatic filariasis from the countries' shared island, Hispaniola, by 2020.  As part of its efforts to enhance community engagement regarding malaria and lymphatic filariasis elimination in Haiti, The Carter Center recently initiated a radio-based awareness campaign through a partnership with local musicians.  The Hispaniola Initiative seeks an interested and qualified student to help evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign.

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