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Press Release Archive: 2002

Postelection Statement on Kenya Elections, Dec. 29, 2002

The Carter Center is pleased to have observed Kenya's presidential, parliamentary, and civic elections on Dec. 27. The Center commends the people of Kenya for their conduct on election day and the generally calm atmosphere in which polling took place. Overall, the 2002 elections were conducted in a peaceful and tolerant manner. Thousands of Kenyans responded enthusiastically, often forming long lines at the opening of polls. Learn more »

Statement by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Venezuela (Spanish and English)

Quiero expresar al pueblo Venezolano mi profunda preocupación por el alto nivel de tensión en el que se aproximan a celebrar las Navidades y la llegada del Año Nuevo. Learn more »

Carter Center Working to Empower Women

Georgetown, Guyana….The Carter Center held a Women's Legal Empowerment Forum in New Amsterdam on Dec. 14, with a turnout of more than 60 participants from East and West Berbice. This was the first of a series of planned forums for women that will raise awareness of women's legal rights and issues and mobilize people to address the challenges facing women in realizing their full legal rights. Learn more »

Carter Center to Observe Kenyan Elections

ATLANTA…The Carter Center today announced it will observe Kenya's national, state, and local elections Dec. 27. Former Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda and former U.S. Ambassador Gordon Streeb, associate executive director of the Center's peace programs, will lead the Center's delegation of 27 observers. Learn more »

Press Release on the First Statement on the Nigeria Electoral Process, 2003

Abuja, Nigeria....This statement is the product of the National Democratic Institute and the Carter Center pre-election assessment mission that visited Nigeria Nov. 17-22, 2002. To support the work of the delegation, a 13-person advance team of observers visited nine states in all six geo-political zones Nov. 7-15 and conducted more than 100 meetings and interviews. The statement details the delegation's observations and respectfully includes specific recommendations to stakeholders for ways to improve the conduct of the elections. Learn more »

Carter Center Appoints Ethiopia Public Health Training Director

Atlanta.... Joyce P. Murray, Ed.D., R.N., professor of nursing at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing of Emory University, has joined The Carter Center as director of its Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative, a teacher training program enabling Ethiopia to meet staffing needs for more than 500 community health centers nationwide. Learn more »

Declaration of Former President Jimmy Carter on the Venezuelan Negotiations

ATLANTA, GA….I commend the Venezuelan government and opposition grouped under the Coordinadora Democratica for opening the Table of Negotiation and Accords today to resolve the deep differences between them. Direct conversation is the best method to increase understanding and to resolve conflict peacefully. Learn more »

'Conversation' Panelists To Explore Mental Health Aftereffects of Sept. 11, 2001

Etched forever on our minds are the images of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. But how do some of us cope with the mental aftereffects of such a potentially staggering trauma? Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter leads a blue-ribbon panel in search of answers. Learn more »

'Conversations,' Symposium To Examine Mental Health Implications Of Sept. 11 Attacks

ATLANTA….National experts and public officials concerned about the mental health implications of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States will gather at the 18th Annual Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy Nov. 6-7 at The Carter Center. Learn more »

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Invites Leaders to Consider Atlanta for Free Trade of the Americas' Headquarters

ATLANTA…. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter issued an open letter today inviting Latin Americans to consider making Atlanta the headquarters for the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin read President Carter's letter at a meeting of Latin American business leaders in Quito, Ecuador. Learn more »

Carta abierta de invitacion a las Americas

Los países del hemisferio occidental están estrechando sus lazos hoy más que en ningún otro momento de la historia. Nuestros países mantienen entre sí acuerdos desde hace muchos años destinados a promover y proteger la seguridad mutua y, más recientemente, han afirmado el apoyo y la defensa de la democracia y de la transparencia a través de nuevos acuerdos internacionales. Los líderes de la región se reúnen asiduamente en cumbres que han resultado en acuerdos trascendentales como el Area de Libre Comercio de las Américas y la Carta Democrática. Learn more »

Carter Center Launches Small Grants Program in Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana….The Carter Center's Guyana office announces the launch of the Small Grants Advocacy Program 2002-2003, which is being organized under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for International Development's program More Responsive and Participatory Governance and Rule of Law in Guyana. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Jamaica Elections, Oct. 18, 2002

We commend the Jamaican voters for participating peacefully in an election day that was generally free of the violence marring it in elections prior to 1997. The Jamaican people made a clear call for change in the culture of violence, and the candidates have responded. Learn more »

Carter Center Appoints Democracy Program Country Project Director

ATLANTA….The Carter Center has appointed Melanie Reimer, a Canadian citizen, as country project director to coordinate its work in Georgetown, Guyana. Reimer will manage programs aimed at strengthening the judicial system and civil society organizations that represent indigenous people, women, and youth. Learn more »

2002 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To President Carter

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2002 to Jimmy Carter, for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development. Learn more »

The Carter Center at a Glance

The Center is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization founded in 1982 in Atlanta, Ga., by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in partnership with Emory University. Learn more »

Nobel Acceptance Statement from President Carter

I am deeply grateful for this honor. I want to thank the Nobel Committee and the many people at The Carter Center who have worked side by side with me and my wife, Rosalynn, to promote peace, health, and human rights. Learn more »

Media Center: Nobel Peace Prize

President Jimmy Carter Biography Photos The Nobel Peace Prize 2002 Announcement Press Release Acceptance Statement The Day That Was: Oct, 11, 2002 Learn more »

Carter Center Delegates Arrive to Monitor Jamaica Elections

ATLANTA….Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Costa Rica President Miguel Angel Rodriguez will lead a 55-member international delegation, representing 16 countries, to observe Jamaica's national elections. The Carter Center and its Council of Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Americas, which observed Jamaica's elections in 1997, were invited by the Electoral Advisory Committee and welcomed by all major political parties to observe the Oct. 16 elections. Learn more »

Pre-Election Statement on Jamaican Elections, Oct. 7, 2002

Kingston, Jamaica…The Carter Center, as part of its continuing observation of the Jamaica electoral process, would like to offer the following interim comments. These are based on the findings of 12 international medium term observers, who have monitored the electoral process in 24 constituencies throughout the island since nomination day, Sept. 30. Learn more »

Rosalynn Carter Inducted Into National Women's Hall of Fame

ATLANTA….On Oct. 5, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, vice chair of The Carter Center, will be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, N.Y. She will be only the third first lady ever inducted into the Hall of Fame joining Abigail Adams (inducted in 1976) and Eleanor Roosevelt (inducted in 1973). Originally named to the Hall of Fame in 2001, Mrs. Carter's induction was postponed a year, due to the Sept.11 attacks. Learn more »

Statement By Jimmy Carter On The 2002 Jamaican Electoral Process

ATLANTA….Jamaicans will no longer tolerate violence during an election period. The electoral authorities and political parties have demonstrated their interest in peaceful elections by establishing mechanisms to reduce conflict. A political ombudsman has been appointed, the Elections Centre established, and a political code of conduct signed by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Edward Seaga. These advances merit praise. Learn more »

Proyecto De Comunicado Del Grupo De Trabajo Tripartito

La Misión integrada por funcionarios de la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA), del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) y del Centro Carter, concluyó hoy una visita de cinco días a Venezuela, atendiendo a invitaciones tanto del Gobierno como de los diversos sectores de la oposición agrupados en la Coordinadora Democrática. Learn more »

Venezuela Communique From Tripartite Group (OAS, UNDP, and The Carter Center)

A mission of officials from the Organization of American States (OAS), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and The Carter Center concluded a five-day visit to Venezuela today, in response to invitations from the Government and the various opposition groups in the Coordinadora Democrática. Learn more »

September 11 Anniversary: A Statement From Former President Carter

Atlanta….During the past year, we have seen the strength and resilience of our nation in the face of the unconscionable acts of last September. Other nations of the world have banded together with us to preserve justice and freedom. Learn more »

OAS, UNDP and Carter Center Mission To Travel To Venezuela

Atlanta....A mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Carter Center will visit Venezuela on September 9 to 13, 2002, in response to an invitation from the government and the various opposition groups in Coordinadora Democrática. Learn more »

The New Season: Conversations At The Carter Center

ATLANTA….An informative and innovative series of evening discussions open to the public and to the media is coming up at The Carter Center. This season's 'Conversations' schedule is designed to increase awareness of national and global issues. A distinguished panel consisting of Carter Center experts and special guests will make presentations followed by question-and-answer periods with the audience. The kickoff Town Hall Meeting With President and Mrs. Carter is expected to be a quick sellout. Here is the exciting lineup of all five events: Learn more »

Pre-Election Statement on Jamaica Elections, Aug. 27, 2002

Kingston, Jamaica….The Carter Center continues to observe the preparations for the upcoming Jamaica parliamentary elections. The Carter Center and its Council of Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Americas were invited by the Electoral Advisory Committee and welcomed by all major political parties to observe the elections. Learn more »

Carter Center Statement on IGAD Peace Talks on Sudan

ATLANTA….The Carter Center welcomes the outcome of the recent IGAD peace talks on Sudan and applauds all concerned for this renewed commitment to peace. It is our profound hope that the agreements reached mark the beginning of a new era of justice and prosperity throughout Sudan and the region. It remains, however, the solemn responsibility of Sudan's leaders and their international friends to transform these initial agreements into a final and comprehensive peace that is fully embraced and implemented by all of the peoples of Sudan. Learn more »


An open letter from Jimmy Carter Learn more »

President Carter's Trip Report on Venezuela

The Carter Center has been deeply involved in Venezuela during recent years, having monitored two national elections, the drafting of a new constitution, and the referendum for public approval. We also have attempted to reduce tension in this sharply divided country, with the charismatic and unorthodox President Hugo Chavez confronted by a phalanx of opposition forces concerned about his revolutionary policies. Learn more »

President Carter's Statement At Conclusion Of Venezuela Trip

The Carter Center received an invitation from the government of Venezuela, dated June 4, 2002, requesting that we visit the country and facilitate a process of dialogue. We accepted the request, consulted with the U.S. government, the OAS, and UNDP, and received their encouragement and advice. Learn more »

2002-2003 Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism

ATLANTA…..The Carter Center's Mental Health Program today named eight recipients of its sixth annual Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism, including two fellows from New Zealand. Learn more »

Former U.S. President Carter Arrives in Venezuela

CARACAS, VENEZUELA....Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter begins a four-day trip to Caracas today, where he will meet with political and civil society groups to discuss a process for helping to resolve the nation's political crisis. Learn more »

Carter Center Announces Visit to Venezuela by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

Caracas, Venezuela...At the invitation of the Government of Venezuela, a five-member delegation of The Carter Center has completed an assessment mission to the country to evaluate the conditions for a dialogue process in the current climate of uncertainty. After holding meetings with Venezuelans representing key sectors of society and branches of government, as well as the Vice President and President, the delegation has been impressed by the deep commitment to democracy and strong support among Venezuelans for a peaceful resolution to the divisions within the country. Learn more »

El Centro Carter anuncia la visita a Venezuela del Ex Presidente Jimmy Carter

Caracas, Venezuela.... A raíz de la invitación cursada por el Gobierno de Venezuela, una delegación de cinco miembros del Centro Carter realizó una misión al país con el propósito de evaluar las condiciones para un proceso de diálogo en el clima de incertidumbre existente. Learn more »

Mrs. Carter Responds To Supreme Court Ruling

I applaud the United States Supreme Court's ruling today that executing people with mental retardation constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and is therefore unconstitutional. Today's ruling is the latest, most resounding indication of shifting public attitudes about government executions. Eighteen states already prohibit capital punishment for people with severe developmental disabilities and 16 of these have banned such executions within the last dozen years. The death penalty should not be imposed on those who are least capable of mature understanding and therefore least blameworthy, no matter how grave their crimes. Learn more »

Carter Center Announces Assessment Mission To Venezuela

In response to a request last week from the Venezuela government to former U. S. President Jimmy Carter to facilitate a national dialogue, The Carter Center will send a small assessment team to Caracas June 24-29, 2002, to form a recommendation to President Carter on whether to accept this invitation. Learn more »

El Centro Carter Anuncia El Envio De Una Mision De Evaluacion A Venezuela

ATLANTA, GA…. Ante una solicitud formulado la semana pasada por el gobierno venezolano al ex presidente de los Estados Unidos, Jimmy Carter, proponiéndole facilitar el proceso de diálogo nacional; el Centro Carter enviará una pequeña delegación que estará en Caracas entre los días 24 y 29 de junio. Dicha misión estará a cargo de estudiar la situación a fin de recomendar al ex presidente Carter si aceptar o no la invitación. La delegación planea reunirse con autoridades gubernamentales, partidos políticos, dirigentes sindicales y empresarios, organizaciones no gubernamentales, representantes de los medios de comunicación y con los mandatarios de la Iglesia. La misión estará conformada por el Dr. Leonel Fernández, ex presidente de la República Dominicana; la Dra. Jennifer McCoy, directora del Programa de las Américas del Centro Carter; el Dr. Benjamin Hoffman, director del Programa de Resolución de Conflicto del Centro Carter; el Dr. Francisco Diez, experto internacional en mediación y la Dra. Laura Neuman, Oficial Principal del Programa de las Américas del Centro Carter. El Dr. Fernández es miembro del Consejo de Presidentes y Primeros Ministros de las Américas, un grupo de ex Jefes de Estado cuya base se encuentra en el Centro Carter, que trabaja para promover la paz y la democracia en el hemisferio. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Mali Elections, June 7, 2002

This is the Carter Center's second and final public statement on the 2002 presidential elections in Mali. The Center conveyed its preliminary observations of the first round of the presidential elections in an interim statement issued on May 7. This final statement summarizes the Center's overall impressions of Mali's presidential elections. A comprehensive report, including recommendations for electoral reform, is forthcoming. Learn more »

Statement by Jimmy Carter on the Death of Peru Former President Fernando Belaunde Terry

Rosalynn and I lament the passing of Fernando Belaunde Terry, a friend and colleague. Former President Belaunde was a man of honor who restored democracy in Peru. Learn more »

Former Surgeon General Joins The Carter Center Mental Health Task Force

David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., former U.S. Surgeon General, will join the Carter Center's Mental Health Task Force in September. Chaired by former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, the task force works to identify mental health issues of major concern, convene diverse constituencies, and develop initiatives to reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illnesses. Learn more »

Pre-Election Statement on Jamaica Elections, May 31, 2002

The Carter Center and its Council of Presidents and Prime Ministers in the Americas are pleased to accept the invitation from the Electoral Advisory Committee to observe the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Carter Center was privileged to observe the 1997 elections and to continue working in Jamaica on transparency and democracy-building initiatives. The forthcoming Jamaican elections are a priority for The Carter Center, and President Carter hopes to lead a 40-50 member election observation delegation. Learn more »

Carter Center to Observe Jamaica Elections

The Carter Center and its Council of Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Americas have accepted the invitation from the Electoral Advisory Committee of Jamaica to observe the upcoming parliamentary elections. Learn more »

The Carter Center Appoints Director For Mental Health Program

Thomas H. Bornemann, Ed.D., M.S.W., senior adviser for mental health with the World Health Organization (WHO) department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence, will join The Carter Center August 1 as director of its Mental Health Program. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Sierra Leone Elections, May 16, 2002

FROM FORMER BENIN PRESIDENT NICEPHORE SOGLO - On behalf of The Carter Center election observation delegation and my co-leader, Ambassador Gordon Streeb, I would like to offer the following preliminary remarks about the Sierra Leone Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on May 14, 2002: Learn more »

Remarks by Jimmy Carter at the University of Havana, Cuba (En Español)

El texto de la Conferencia de Carter y lo que sucedió antes y después en la Aula Magna de la Universidad de La Habana el 14 de mayo, 2002 Learn more »

Visit of Carter Center Delegation to Cuba

THE CARTER CENTER is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife,Rosalynn, in 1982 to advance peace and health worldwide. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Center has helped to improve quality of life for people in more than 65 countries. Its staff of 150 includes experts working to control and eradicate diseases, diminish the stigma against mental illness, strengthen democracy, advance human rights, and improve development planning. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Mali Elections, May 7, 2002

The Carter Center welcomes the completion of the first round of Mali's 2002 presidential elections. These elections mark an important step in Mali's democratic transition following the completion of President Alpha Oumar Konare's two terms in office. Overall, the elections were peaceful, well managed and conducted in a spirit of transparency. The high number of presidential candidates (24) indicates significant enthusiasm for multiparty electoral competition but also the highly personalized character of politics in Mali. The general atmosphere during the electoral campaign was positive and there were no reports of intimidation before or on election day. However, the conduct of some elements of the electoral process has generated concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the reported results. Learn more »

Carter Center Urges Zimbabweans to Vote

The Carter Center encourages the people of Zimbabwe to remain determined to vote in the presidential elections on March 9-10, 2002, even though the government of Zimbabwe has not met its responsibilities to ensure that conditions for open and peaceful elections are in place. Learn more »

Carter Center Team Arrives in Sierra Leone to Observe Landmark Elections

Carter Center election observers began arriving in Freetown Monday to prepare for Sierra Leone's first post-conflict presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for May 14, 2002. The delegation of 25 observers includes election experts, regional specialists, human rights and civic leaders, including representatives from groups in Guinea and Liberia, and expert conflict resolution and human rights staff of The Carter Center. Former Benin President Nicéphore Soglo will co-lead the delegation. The Carter Center made pre-election assessment trips in August 2001 and February 2002 to Sierra Leone and to meet with national political leaders, electoral administrators, domestic and regional civil society organizations, and representatives from the international community. Learn more »

Carter Center Announces Dates for Historic Trip to Cuba

Accepting an invitation from Cuba President Fidel Castro, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, will head a Carter Center delegation to Cuba May 12-17. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on East Timor Elections, April 15, 2002

The Carter Center observers witnessed a successful election day in an election that clearly met international standards for freeness and fairness. In the post-election period, democratic development will be needed at all levels of government down to the grassroots if East Timor is to succeed as a democratic nation. It is the responsibility of Timorese civil society and the elected government, with the full support of the international community, to work toward this end. Learn more »

Statement by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Venezuela

My heart goes out to the Venezuelan people who have suffered the turmoil of the last four days, and especially to the families of those who were killed. Learn more »

The Carter Center Praises Preparations for East Timor's First Presidential Elections and Urges Voters to Cast Their Ballots

ATLANTA...The Carter Center today praised East Timor's Independent Election Commission for its impressive preparations for Sunday's presidential elections and reassured citizens that their vote will be held in secret. Learn more »

Pre-Election Statement on East Timor Elections, April 12, 2002

Background: The Carter Center re-opened a field office in East Timor in May 2001 for the long-term observation of the Aug. 30, 2001 Constituent Assembly elections and the subsequent constitution drafting process. Learn more »

Carter Center, Japanese Government Partner To Eradicate Guinea Worm

ATLANTA...In the history of mankind, only one disease, smallpox, has been eradicated. Through the efforts of a worldwide coalition led by The Carter Center and with the generous support of partners such as the Government of Japan, a parasitic disease known as Guinea worm is poised to become the second, and the first disease to be overcome without a single vaccine or medication. Learn more »

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to Address World Leaders in Mexico at the International Conference on Financing for Development

Following The Carter Center's Development Cooperation Forum in which leaders said the world is not on target for cutting global poverty in half by 2015, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will address international leaders Tuesday at the International Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, Mexico. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Zambia Elections, March 7, 2002

This is the Carter Center's fourth and final public statement on the Zambian 2001 Tripartite Elections, released 7 March 2002 (PDF format). Learn more »

World Leaders Call for an Increased Commitment of Resources by the International Community to Combat Poverty

ATLANTA, GA… At a high-level forum at The Carter Center, leaders and representatives of developing countries and international development organizations called attention to the lack of progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty. Learn more »

President Carter Travels to Sudan to Push Guinea Worm Disease Eradication Efforts

ATLANTA, GA… Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, will participate in the International Conference on the Eradication of Guinea Worm Disease, March 4-7, in Khartoum, Sudan. The meeting, which brings together the leaders of the Guinea worm disease eradication effort from countries throughout Africa, is co-sponsored by the Government of Sudan, The Carter Center, World Health Organization, and UNICEF. Learn more »

Postelection Statement on Zambia Elections, Jan. 31 2002

This statement is The Carter Center's third public statement on the Zambian electoral process. The first was a pre-election statement released on December 13, 2001. The second was an interim post-election statement on December 30, 2001. Learn more »

World Leaders Convene at the Carter Center to Address Challenges to Overcoming Global Poverty

ATLANTA, GA… World Bank President James Wolfensohn, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Mark Malloch Brown, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Andrew Natsios, Minister of International Development for Norway Hilde Johnson, and Minister of Development Cooperation for the Netherlands Eveline Herfkens will join former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin February 21-22 at The Carter Center to address challenges to economic development and overcoming poverty. Four sitting presidents, from Albania, Guyana, Mali, and Mozambique, will detail their countries' experiences in developing poverty reduction strategies with the help of the international community. Learn more »

Final Report of the Conference on the Eradicability of Onchocerciasis

More than 60 international experts from a variety of disciplines convened at The Carter Center from Jan. 22-24, 2002, to address the question 'Is onchocerciasis (river blindness) eradicable with current knowledge and tools?' The conference, organized by The Carter Center and the World Health Organization, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, included presentations by expert speakers, deliberations in four working groups, and a plenary discussion of major conclusions. Learn more »

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