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Second Dialogue Session in Lima, Peru

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The second session of the dialogue forum took place in Lima, Peru, on June 1-2, 2010. The meeting achieved a greater level of confidence between the members, the consolidation and validation of a civil society space for positive dialogue, and a deepening of analysis on issues of mutual interest. Ambassador Néstor Popolizio, Peru's vice minister of foreign affairs, extolled the benefits of the initiative and the work of its members. The Head of Foreign Relations of the CAN Camila Polo Floréz participated as an observer. The forum members also had the opportunity to interact with representatives from the Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and U.S. governments during a dinner at the Club Nacional.

The second session of the Andean-U.S. Dialogue Forum convenes forum members from the six member countries in Lima, Peru. Photos: The Carter Center.

Common Agenda Report 
A first draft of the Common Agenda Report was presented and discussed by the participants. The Common Agenda Report presented an initial mapping of the perceptions and expectations each of the six countries had for relations with the United States and the other Andean countries. Forum members agreed to undertake more consultations with key actors in their respective countries, to carry out a public opinion survey, and to include a short background analysis of each country.

Role of the Media in Creating Positive and Negative Perceptions of Other Countries 
The participants proposed meetings of journalists that would bring together media professionals from the forum countries to engage in a dialogue on how the media contribute to mutual understanding or negative perceptions between the countries.

The Forum's Working Group on Drugs and Organized Crime discusses potential strategies and ideas to move forward on assessing current and alternative policies in the Andean subregion and the United States.

Drug Policy and Organized Crime
The working group on drug policy identified the need to reframe the issue, which is seen as an important obstacle to increased cooperation and understanding among the forum countries. The group identified the need to contribute to a debate about the costs and benefits of new approaches, as well as multilateral approaches and confidence-building measures for security and defense.

Each thematic working group decided to advance on their work plan according to the consensus reached in Lima, and the group decided to meet again for a third dialogue session  in Washington, D.C., in September, 2010. 

All of the forum members together on the last day of the second dialogue session in Lima, Peru.
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Second Meeting
Lima, Perú
June 1-2, 2010

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