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Real Lives, Real Change: Human Rights Program

‘When You Empower a Woman, You Empower the Whole World’

In Kenya in the early years of this century, young men in Nairobi’s Mathare slum were dying one by one at the hands of police and security officers. Sometimes it happened out of sight in custody, sometimes in broad daylight in the street. Other youths simply disappeared, their fates never determined. Learn More

Ousted Afghan Judge Fights Extremism with Empathy, Respect

Before the Taliban, before the war, before women were banned from positions of power, Najla Ayubi was a judge in Afghanistan. Extremists forced her out of her courtroom and eventually out of her country. Learn More

Hope in Hard Times

Abeer Pamuk had just started her sophomore year at the University of Aleppo when the Syrian civil war erupted. She was studying English literature and dreaming of a career as a humanitarian worker in South Sudan. But when the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group occupied the street behind her house, her plans were derailed. Learn More

Carter Center Slideshow | Love + Solidarity > Fear

Human rights defenders from around the world met at The Carter Center in May 2017 to teach, learn from, network with, and encourage one another under the theme Freedom from Fear: Securing Rights in Challenging Times. At the closing session of the forum, they issued a unified statement, excerpts of which accompany the following images. Learn More

Carter Center Slideshow | Voices for Peace

In 2016, The Carter Center convened dozens of human rights defenders from around the world to explore how to avoid violence while advocating for change. We asked several defenders to explain what human rights means to them. Learn More

VP Brings Field Experience from Liberia, Vietnam

Jordan Ryan, vice president for peace programs, may be relatively new to The Carter Center, but his connection to President and Mrs. Carter dates back to the ’70s. Learn More

New Online Forum Advances Rights of Women and Girls

The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence & Power will connect activists across the globe, host roundtable video discussions among them and the general public, highlight success stories, and serve as a resource library and archive. Learn More

A CALL TO ACTION: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power

"A Call to Action," a new book by President Carter available March 25 (Simon & Schuster), urges the end of discrimination and abuse against women, calling it the number one challenge in the world today. Learn More

Human Rights Defender: Zainah Anwar

All eyes were on Zainah Anwar as she spoke these words during a human rights conference at The Carter Center in the summer of 2013. One sentence, eight words, embodied the three-day forum on the role of faith in women’s rights. "God cannot be God if God is unjust." Learn More

Carter Center Conference Mobilizes Faith Groups to Advance Women's Rights

Top religious leaders, activists, and religious scholars representing more than 15 countries and over 35 faith-based organizations, universities, and religious bodies, who are committed to making concrete gains in women's rights gathered at The Carter Center June 27-29 for the conference "Mobilizing Faith for Women: Engaging the Power of Religion and Belief to Advance Human Rights and Dignity.". Learn More

Meet Egyptian Fatma Emam

During Egypt's January 2011 revolution, human rights researcher and blogger Fatma Emam demonstrated for change in Tahrir Square day after day with thousands of other men and women. Post-revolution though, she found women's rights left behind. Learn More

The Carter Center at 30: Champion for Human Rights

Since President Carter's groundbreaking efforts in the White House to place human rights at the center of U.S. foreign policy, the goal of securing human rights for all — civil, political, social, and economic rights — has driven the Carter Center's work to advance peace and health in more than 70 nations. Learn More

Carter's Diplomacy Helps Free American Prisoner

Jimmy Carter has for years worked behind the scenes to secure the release of political prisoners. But this week he had to do it in person and in the public spotlight, traveling to North Korea to bring an American home. Learn More

Meet Olawale Fapohunda: Committed to Proposed African Charter

Olawale Fapohunda believes that the proposed African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) will enable African citizens to more fully participate in the electoral process and advance protection of human rights by African governments. And, in places like his home country of Nigeria, he feels the need for its ratification is vital. Learn More

Liberian Woman Uses Legal Service to Stop Abuse

For 30 years, Henrietta Gayflor* endured ongoing physical abuse from her partner. After he assaulted her in her front yard one day, Gayflor decided to take action. Learn More

East Jerusalem Family Forced to Demolish Part of Own Home, Center Expert Cites Abuse of Permit System

From the roof of his family's home in East Jerusalem within the walls of the Old City, Raed Sa'id points to the golden Dome of The Rock, which is glowing in the late-afternoon sun. Learn More

Karin Ryan: Director Assists Activists Fighting for Human Rights

After Iraq's 2006 elections, the United States and other Western governments celebrated that country's move toward democracy. But as Karin Ryan knows from her 20 years with The Carter Center, an election is only a small step on the long road toward a true democratic government. Learn More

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Honors Carter Center Trustee Sherry Lansing with Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Honors Carter Center Trustee Sherry Lansing with Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award Learn More

Profile: Marcel Wetsh'okonda, Congolese Human Rights Defender

Marcel Wetsh'okonda fights for human rights laws to be passed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country where 1,000 people die each day from disease, hunger, and violence. It is no easy task. Learn More